Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Orientation notes and Competency


DALMOOC Course Basics:
DALMOOC emphasizes on Connections (learners) and Creation (Artifacts) and not much on content. It aims to build upon Networked knowledge and Combinatorial Creativity. It encourages users to own their learning space, so that the knowledge does not perish in discussion forums, comments etc.

Distributed environment:

The contents and conversations can be distributed in various environments:
Twitter and social media

Content flow:
In normal teaching environment, the content flow is from the instructor to the student; whereas in DALMOOC, the core content is co-created by faculty, learners and external experts.

Key Activity:

Create/ Share
Revise/ Remix

Wayfinding and Sensemaking:

Visual syllabus
Follow daily email
Hangouts or recordings
edX forums

Orientation Hangouts:

George, Carolyn, Matt, Dragan, Ryan


Experimenting with social learning, new tools, course content etc. So, feedback from learners expected.


To get guidance from helpers, post a discussion in Quickhelper and someone will respond to it.


To document activities and develop competencies

Collaborative activity:

Synchronous chat when partner is available.
Lobby connects to partner for chat
Agent leads each step when ready


No peer assessment; self assessment only by pasting evidence for competency.

Course Agreement:
Provide consent for participation in the DALMOOC Course Agreement,

COMPETENCY 0.1 Assessment

Competency 0.1: Describe and navigate the distributed structure of DALMOOC, different ways to engage with peers and various technologies to manage and share personal learning.

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